Executive Board Members

Chris Gill


Local Business Owner

Stacie Gilkeson

Vice President

Local Artist & Community Activist



Our financial and treasury reports are given by our Bookkeeper, Marilyn Vogler.

Jordan Barnes


Full-time High School Student

Tanessa Noll

Freelance Writer & Healthcare Advocate

“I love living in a community that has a program like HOPE. The work that students do impacts all of us. When our children are thriving, it benefits the community. It brings me joy to hear that kids love tasting what they grew or that a struggling youth found a sense of purpose through this program.”

Cody Shipley

Nutrition & Wellness Committee

Mason General Hospital | Executive Chef

“My wish for HOPE is that if thrives well into the future as an integral part of the community and continues to offer positive resources for the youth in our communities. I was immediately inspired to join HOPE’s cause because I was a troubled teen that could’ve benefited greatly from HOPE. It’s our duty to be shepherds for the next generation and give them the tools and community to be successful.”

Board Members

Katrinka Hibler

Immediate Past President

Mason County Conservation District | District Engineer

Lindsey Parkinson

Point Defiance Zoological Society | Grant Writer

Suzy Ronald

Community Lifeline | Executive Assistant

Announcement Pending

Mason General Hospital Representative

Announcement Pending

Shelton School District Representative

Jordan Barnes

HOPE Youth Program Representative

Get Involved

We currently have one opening on our Board of Directors & are actively recruiting for another representative from our community.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in joining the HOPE Board of Directors and serving the youth of Mason County, please contact us, or send an email to: 


We look forward to hearing from you & sharing the mission of HOPE.


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