‘Tis the Season For Giving HOPE

Giving Tuesday is Only the Beginning

This #GivingTuesday, I’m proud to stand with the HOPE Garden Project to help bring support and awareness to the youth in need in our communities. HOPE provides nutrition & garden education and youth employment opportunities to the young people of the Shelton School District and Mason County. This amazing organization is empowering our youth and strengthening our community one seedling at a time.

Every penny donated goes directly to student stipends and the betterment of Mason County youth. Donate to the HOPE Garden Project to benefit our #GiveHope fundraiser today—because the future of our world is only as bright as the future of our youth. Our goal at #HOPEGardenProject is to raise enough stipends to cover our 2019 Summer Program. 

Operation Give HOPE is Up & Running

We welcome you to make your gift in the form of a recurring monthly donation or one time gift. If you dedicate your donation in honor of a friend or loved one, we’ll paint a rock in their honor and place it in our new garden.

If you’re inspired by HOPE’s ground-breaking work, please consider making a one-time donation of $5, $10, $25, $50, or a custom amount of your choice.

Seedling $5.00


It may not seem like much, but five dollars gives us an hour with an incredible young person who is eager to learn about nutrition and how to cook a healthy meal from scratch.


Sprout $10.00


Ten dollars is worth two hours’ time with a smart and creative young person who enjoys getting involved, digging in the dirt, & planting seeds. 

Blossom $25.00


Twenty-five dollars equals an entire day of learning, collaborating, and engaging in gratifying work for a bright and talented young person who is encouraged to make & accomplish goals, take on leadership roles, and become an active participant in their community. 

Harvest $50.00


Fifty dollars helps provide things like groceries & clothes, and can assist in providing transportation (ie: bus fare) or paying bills as needed for a determined and hardworking young person who is empowered when they reap the rewards of the hard work they put in at HOPE


You may follow the “Donate” button below to go to our secure, online donation page, or click on one of the donation amounts listed to be taken to our website donation portal for more information and more ways to #GiveHOPE.

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Seedling $5.00 | Sprout $10.00 | Blossom $25.00 | Harvest $50.00 Give a Custom Amount

Remember, ALL donations are Tax Deductible.


 – Lindsey Parkinson, HOPE

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