Summer Program 2018

August marks the end of our Summer Program and it’s a time for great reflection as our crew has come so far.

It’s an incredible thing to see our crews go from uninterested and cautious, unable to imagine the adventure they’re about to embark on, to a team that works the garden together, cooks together, eats together, and learns together. In the end, these kids depend on and care about each other. They become invested in their peers and most importantly, themselves.

Digging Up Commitment

These kids dig in to grow healthy food, build healthy relationships, & learn skills that will help them thrive.

Beautiful Potatoes

A global perspective is imperative as we move through life, the ripple effect of our actions and inactions can create have consequences. These incredible kids plant the seeds, care for the seeds they planted, and literally watch the fruit of their hard work bloom and grow. These kids harvest the food they worked so hard to grow and learn to create healthy affordable meals from scratch. It’s a skill that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Our crews stick with us long after programs come to a close. They come back for new programs and seek new ways to connect to their peers and their community. They become employees, volunteers, and thriving members of our community.

Setbacks & Change

This years fire season slowed us down a bit, stealing some time here and there as we sought to protect our youths’ health from the hazardous smoke. Our youth powered through the set backs working harder to accomplish the goals they’d set for themselves.

Cosmos Foliage


As we say goodbye to Summer and welcome Fall, we see a change in the garden that communicates the tenacity of nature. Summer plants wilt  away while Fall plants take the stage and begin to show off their abundant color.

Speaking of Change

It is with great pleasure HOPE introduces its new Executive Director, Rachel Uberman!

Rachel Uberman

Rachel has a deep-rooted talent for teaching & nutrition. She has been putting her incredible passion to work for HOPE since 2013, where she first served as a garden educator and nutritionist, before becoming a Co-Director in 2015. In 2018, Rachel dug in deeper with HOPE, stepping up to be the new Executive Director. Before HOPE, Rachel was a founding Director of the Oly School, a preschool program based in Waldorf education where she lead a progressive outdoor kindergarten. Her teachings focused on encouraging outdoor engagement and nutritional enrichment. During that time she obtained a certification in Nutritional Therapy. She firmly believes that the work HOPE does is the future of child education and development, and she brings this dynamic perspective to her role at HOPE, where she encourages and enriches their broad crew of youth, their families, veterans, volunteers & staff to promote healthy relationships, respect for others, & personal empowerment through growing nutritious food, strong people & a better community.

Summer HOPE Crew of 2018, we will miss you, but we know you will do great things & we hope to see you again in the future.

A huge thank you and congratulations to Rachel Uberman for all the incredible work she does for HOPE.

Check in next month to meet another amazing HOPE employee and see what HOPE’s doing in the Garden.

– Lindsey Parkinson, HOPE

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