Pasta Primavera: HOPE Style

Pasta Perfect

Last week our crew made Pasta Primavera from scratch (noodles included) and it was wonderful to watch the kids take turns digging into the dough. It was my first time to take part in the Summer Program here at HOPE and being a part of the process was a special treat. I remember the first time I ever dug my hands into something messy. . . it was meatloaf and I was a lot more hesitant and dare I say grossed out than our crew members were. They were all eager to have their turn mixing and kneading the dough, not as many were that eager to do the dishes by hand, but they worked as a team and got everything cleaned up and put away.

They work together, include each other and help one another with every task.  

Our day began with a question.  Each of us took turns giving our answer as we went around the room one by one.

We put our heads together to solve a mystery and had fun playing detective.

My favorite part of the day, however, (aside from the food of course) was when we were joined by a guest speaker. Brad, a veteran himself, is a volunteer with Salmon for Soldiers, a non-profit organization whose mission is:

“to offer a sense of normalcy and relaxation to our nation’s Veterans through fishing.  Salmon for Soldiers’ fishing opportunities are designed to help reduce stress while creating new relationships with others who love fishing.  Our events are designed to accommodate Veterans with paralysis, PTSD, TBI and other debilitating challenges.”

According to Brad, it all began when two friends decided to take a few veterans fishing. The response was so amazing that first year, they all agreed to do it again. Now after only five years they are able to host an annual event of over 800 guests and send veterans on one-off trips all year. In 2016 alone, they sent over 80 veterans fishing on local charter fishing trips, and 10 veterans to Alaska where they fished with Prince of Wales Sportsfishing.  

Learning about this incredible organization was wonderful, but the best part was seeing how intently our crew

listened and how their curiosity lead them to ask questions about volunteering & community service.

Another volunteer with Salmon for Soldiers had only one piece of advice

for our crew. “Have fun!” he said. “In everything you do, have fun and you’ll work harder and do better.”

It is with that idea fresh in our minds that our crew set off to make lunch.

HOPEmade Pasta

You will need:

  • 2 cups flour
  • 3 eggs

1 | Knead together the flour and eggs into a good ball. Dough should hold together and not be wet.

2 | Roll out the dough to desired thickness and use a knife to cut noodles, or us a pasta maker.

3 | Add noodles to boiling water. Noodles should only take one minute or so to cook.

4 | Toss pasta with desired fixings.






We tossed our pasta with olive oil, parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes & basil, and paired it with a salad fresh from the garden.

It was so good!


Our crew is made up of a wonderful group of kids. They’re not afraid to take their turn and jump right in to do their part.



Off to the Garden

After the crew has had their fill of the amazing meal they made, they clean up the kitchen and dining area. We were notified that morning that the dishwasher was broken, so today, HOPE crew did every single dish by hand. They had quite the dish washing assembly line going and I was impressed by the teamwork they displayed when met with obstacle upon obstacle.


No dishwasher, we’ll wash by hand. No hot water in one sink, we’ll use two. Their ability to adapt is admirable.


When everything was cleaned and put back in its rightful place, our incredible crew headed to the Evergreen Elementary Garden to work in the dirt.

– Lindsey Parkinson, HOPE

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